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RIP Larry Harlow ‘The Wonderful Jew’

The pianist Larry Harlow, known as ‘The Wonderful Jew’, died this morning in the United States.

Legendary salsa musician Llarry Harlow is nicknamed the “Wonderful Jew” for his musical dedication to the wonderful blind Arsenio Rodríguez (Wonderful Blind Arsenio Rodríguez), who died in a New York hospital this morning at the age of 82.

“I deeply say to all the Salceros of the world that after 32 days of hospitalization, my beloved Larry passed away at 12:30 in the morning due to the complications of a patient with kidney disease, which weakened his tired heart,” said one Once his wife in the social network of the founder of Fania All Stars.

“I thank you for all your love and the information I received from all of you. I am responsible for reading it to you at the hospital. I ask that you give our family and close friends a space to deal with our loss, and we will provide it to you later. More Related information Please don’t call me for an interview, my heart is broken.

My Amore, you are free to play your music again in the Celestial Orchestra. Thank you for being lucky to be with you and to love you until the end of life. You will always live in my heart, in the hearts of all those who love your music and your great heritage, flying high, my great Jew, rest in peace …

Larry Harlow is the son of the opera singer Rose Sherman, he was born on March 20, 1939 in Brooklyn, New York, into a family of American musicians of Jewish descent.

During his artistic career, he was the son of Cuba and the famous interpreter, composer and musical producer of Montuno, as well as of Mambo, Afro-Cuban Jazz, Guaracha or Salsa. His band Harlow Orchestra was the first band to sign with Fania Records. The musician also trained in Cuba, where he was attracted to the island music known to Cubans living in New York, and he produced 106 albums by different artists and more than 50 albums of his own creation, he did it for Fania. His most popular albums include “Abran Paso” and “Tributo a Arsenio Rodríguez”, with Ismael Miranda as lead singer. Harlow is a basic salsa musician and one of the first to record for record label producer Fania Records. He also appeared in the movie “Nuestra Cosa Latina” with Fania All Stars, and his career remained steady and bright for the next several decades.

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