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  • 12 Jul 2024, 19:00 – 14 Jul 2024, 23:00
    Ljubljana, Šmartinska c. 106, 1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia
    Welcome to Dancelife Salsa Weekend! A two-day Salsa event for lovers of hot rhythms and good music at the Dancelife Dance Studio at Šmartinska cesta 106, in Ljubljana.
  • 17 Aug 2024, 19:00 – 18 Aug 2024, 05:00
    London, Draycott Ave, London SW3 3AP, UK
  • 19 Sept 2024, 18:00 – 22 Sept 2024, 18:00
    Santa Susanna, Carrer del Pla de la Torre, 14, 08398 Santa Susanna, Barcelona, Spain
    The CoBeatParty Live Salsa Rave will be held in Barcelona at the Don Angel Hotel in Santa Susana by the beach. Everything is happening under one roof , big wooden dance floor , great sound system super DJs , Dancing till 7 am every night, Music history and Musicality workshops.
  • 26 Sept 2024, 00:00 – 29 Sept 2024, 00:00
    Genoa, Via Pionieri e Aviatori d'Italia, 44, 16154 Genova GE, Italy
    Alvares Production presents the 12th Edition On2 Salsa Congress 26th-29th September 2024 - Days of pure fun, workshops of all levels only On2 with the best national and international artists, Salsa On2, Puerto Rican, New York Style, Mambo. All in one HOTEL "Tower Genova Airport Hotel"
  • 03 Oct 2024, 17:00 – 06 Oct 2024, 03:00
    Porto, Porto, Portugal
    ONE weekend THREE parties Combine one weekend full of dance with the best DJs and the discovery of this beautiful city. We know how to party ! That’s a famous sentence for all Latinos! Everyone from abroad is very welcome! And of course, we have the best DJs with us!
  • 17 Oct 2024, 20:00 – 21 Oct 2024, 00:50
    Prague, Prague, Czechia
  • 10 Jan 2025, 19:00 – 12 Jan 2025, 23:00
    London, 140 Bath Rd, Harlington, Hayes UB3 5AW, UK
    This is no ordinary Salsa Festival. Salsa, in its depth and intricacy, is more than mere counts. From the rhythms of Son Montuno to the beats of Mambo/Salsa and the dance styles of Son and Palladium Mambo On2, right through to the contemporary New York On2
  • 16 Jan 2025, 20:00 – 19 Jan 2025, 20:00
    Ljubljana, Miklošičeva cesta 1, 1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia
    Ljubljana is the capital of a state, but it is small and pretty, easy to get around, and full of surprises. It is remarkable for its rich tradition, youthful vibrancy, cultural creativity, feel for entertainment, and numerous green spaces and of course by the seventh edition of MSSF.
  • 07 Feb 2025, 21:00 – 09 Feb 2025, 00:50
    New York, 270 W 43rd St, New York, NY 10036, USA
    New York SBK Congress will be the first of it’s kind in New York to feature four dance genres at one event! Join us for three-days of daily workshops, afternoon socials, nightly performances and social dancing until 6AM!
  • 14 Mar 2025, 00:00 CET – 16 Mar 2025, 00:00 CET
    Genoa, Via Pionieri e Aviatori d'Italia, 44, 16154 Genova GE, Italy
    ALVARES PRODUCTION PRESENTS the 15th Edition of the World Salsa Meeting from March 14 to 17 2024 in Genova. 3 days of STUDY AND PASSION. Internships of all styles and levels with national and international artists. ALL IN ONE LOCATION Tower Genova Airport Hotel & Congress Centre
  • 21 Mar 2025, 19:00 – 22 Mar 2025, 23:00
    Amsterdam, Amsterdam, Netherlands



DJ Sergi is an international DJ and music influencer whose career has been shaped by his experiences with other DJs, artists, parties and festivals.

My love of music began at an early age (with exposure to a wide range of genres), but I experienced it most deeply with salsa. I first had the chance to mix at some of Paris's legendary parties, such as UNITED, BARRIO LATINO, SALSOUNDS 70s and SALSA O'SULLI, before creating my own LESALSACLUB party. Since then, LESALSACLUB has become an essential part of the Parisian salsa scene.

"Music doesn't belong to us... it's timeless and unique to each of us..."

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