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We did it !

"True solidarity is only possible among the solitary." - Jose Bergamin

Yes we did it Guys ! and is now time to thank those who made all of this possible.

  • First and not least, the Salsounds organized by Noel Jezequel

  • The Salsa O'Sulli team with the beautiful Cyrine and Master Gabriel.

  • The Lesalsaclub team the StudioDiabolo dance schools managed by Jean-Jacques which allowed us to maintain this week with dancing afternoons and evenings.

But this weekend would have been really more complicated without the support of the Salsalianza dance school managed by Laurence in coordination with La Bakido Social managed by Mouaze Konaté, with them we were able to open parties at the same time and thus allow everyone to dance. Big up to you guys

Special thanks to our Guest djs Omran, Shems and Dmitri who distilled the weekend with their music selection.

and It only remains to thank you, you Parisian dancers for your understanding and your support and to our French and foreign friends for having believed in this weekend.

It will happen It's happening and It happened !

You didn't miss this chance to dance in Paris Take care ♡

The Paris Salsa Weekend team Salsounds/Lesalsaclub/SalsaOSully

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Bravo Sergio !


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