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Esteban & Dj LindoSigo Pensando en Ti – Sigo Pensando en Ti

Updated: Jun 25, 2021

It's official.... When a preview is presented in social networks, the commitment must be honored and Dj Lindo does not betray his promises. So here's the release of DJ Lindo producer which continues to grow in popularity. "Sigo Pensando En Ti" is the title of the song, performed by Esteban, a salsa singer, who manages to maintain a compelling theme dedicated to the dance floor and the most virtuous dancers. Dj Lindo is proud of the result; the piece maintains an energetic dynamic until the end, with rhythms that drive a vigorous and never tired trend; all by project and according to the indications of Dj Lindo, who is becoming more and more expert in his musical perspectives, who will still see him as the protagonist of numerous productions. It will be precisely his constancy that will bring you countless satisfactions, interactions and contacts; elements that will be the backbone of a musical career that is born from his great passion for Latin music. Dj Lindo is the artistic director and sole producer of Sigo Pensando En Ti. The song, published by Downbridge Publishing, is distributed by Alosibla Music Group in digital-only format in major digital stores. For more information, visit the website

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