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Guateque Ladies onboard for next the Paris Salsa Weekend !

Sunday 19 September 2021 @ Salsa O'Sulli Paris Salsa Weekend Guateque (Amsterdam, Netherlands) The name ‘Guateque’ originates from very popular house parties among young people in the 50s/60s and was formed to the rhythm of son, pachanga and boogaloo. Guateque; founded in 2010 in Amsterdam with Guateque ladies in 2015 still represents this strong young family party spirit, sharing the love for Salsa. But moreover they represent a movement against all forms of inequality and oppression. This started in particular with the show ‘Valiente’ that shows that women are more than submissive, sexy and silent in a male dominated (Salsa) world. Guateque is about making voices heard and reclaiming the freedom of creative expression.

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