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DJ Live Session with Shems

This week, we are pleased to offer you a live session with Shems.

Shems in addition to being an excellent dj is also an excellent dancer and who knows the expectations of dancers in terms of musicality. He's more than a friend to me and I'm really happy he's part of the Lesalsaclub family.

I want to say a huge thank you to Shems for his participation and for this special Lesalsaclub set.

First Name : Shems Last Name : Sanâa Nickname : Shems Nationality : Tunisian Living in Tunis

Shems made his first steps as a dancer in 2006 then congresses got him infected by the Salsa virus so he started Deejaying and organizing events to spread his passion all over Tunisia. His first international set was in 2014 in Rostov (Russia) then he got booked to play all over Europe, at big events like Rovinj CSSF, Vienna Salsa Congress, Frankfurt or Prague marathons and even at some local but well known parties like LeSalsaClub in Paris, Dancefloor in Ljubljana and La Bomba in Bratislava. As a serial dancer if he's not playing his best Chachas and Guaguanco you will definitely find him on the Dance-floor Dancing non-stop and enjoying his friends' music.

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