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DJ Asmadi onboard for the next Paris Salsa Weekend !

Sunday 19 September 2021 @ Salsa O'Sulli Paris Salsa Weekend

When he made his first trip to Latin America in 2012, Salsa and him were love at first sight! Starting as a social dancer, he developed a keen preference for on1/on2 dancing and simultaneously became passionate about buying CDs and Vinyls to collect Salsa music. In 2016, while residing in Paris he decided to use his collection as a DJ. He started as resident DJ at Salsa O'Sulli and later became resident DJ at Barrio Latino (later ‘The Latin Sundays’). Meanwhile he has played at several international events and congresses in Europe and even Asia. He currently resides in Amsterdam where he is one of the residents of the local Black Mambo and Club Mystique parties. Depending on the crowd, he always aims to provide a musical experience that simply allows dancers to express themselves and have fun on the dancefloor!

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